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PDF: Author(s): Bazulin A. V.,
Number of journal: 1(18) Date: February 2012

The article has reviewed small business from the point of view of the public expanded reproduction as one of the factors of the domestic economics growth. Historical, economic and legal aspects have been analyzed, as well as the mistakes resulted in the number of problems. Major problems are connected with the lack of access to resources, with the establishing of institutional environment, and infrastructure of the state support, which continues to negatively affect its development, allows considering the possibilities of small business as potential. Attempts to examine and resolve them in several areas, for example in the higher education, have not been successful yet. In the author’s opinion, the basic reason is the role of small business as a factor of reduction of social pressure and underestimation of its possibilities in modernization processes.


expanded reproduction, manufacturing business, factors of production, access to resources, institutional environment, creative-search function, system of subcontracting relationships, cluster approach, innovation support infrastructure, transformation of inventions into innovations, competitive advantage

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