Problems of formation of information-communicative competence while teaching the specialists of the aesthetic-humanitarian specialty in the system of secondary professional education

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PDF: Author(s): Danilchuk E. V., Danilkevitch A. V.,
Number of journal: 1(22) Date: February 2013

The article has reviewed the issues of formation of ICT-competence in the process of training of the specialists in the aesthetic-humanitarian area in the SPE system, as well as the peculiarities of introduction of the educational standards of the third generation implying the competence approach in the process of the specialists training. The model of the specialist ICT-competence has been reviewed. The step-by-step model of ICT-competence formation of the specialists of aesthetic-humanitarian area has determined while training in the system of professional education has been discussed. The inter-disciplinary connections and the content of professional disciplines in the process of formation of ICT-competence of the specialists of aesthetical- humanitarian area of SPE system.


competence approach, competences, competence, information-communicative competence, model of ICT-competence, FSESAPE of the third generation, specialist in the aesthetic-humanitarian area, designer, expert in advertizing, multimedia technologies

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