Methodology of Foresight research in the formation of the regional agriculture development strategy

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PDF: Author(s): Stukatch V. F., Volkova I. A.,
Number of journal: 1(22) Date: February 2013

The purpose of the article is to provide evaluation of the potential and to determine the option of scenario for strategic development of the regional agriculture. The newness consists in the use of the foresight research methodology for determination of the potential and implementation of the strategy within the road map boundaries. The results are the following: the activity program based on the scenario evaluation of the potential for the region development has been proposed. Methodology of foresight research defines interaction of the strategy developers. The project of the road map has been proposed, which goal is to provide for regulated stable growth and development of agriculture. The area of application of the results is the following: state authorities, municipal entities, scientific and research and educational institutions.


technological development, innovation, road map of strategy implementation, foresight, Omsk region, agriculture development strategy, foresight analysis methods, SWOT analysis, development forecast

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