Development of competition in the health care

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PDF: Author(s): Filippov K. A.,
Number of journal: 1(22) Date: February 2013

The article has examined the issues of development of competition in the health care. The issue is the most urgent in the period of reformation of the health care system as it allows reviewing the sources of increasing the efficiency of the area important for the country. The article has investigated such types of competition in the health care as constructive and destructive competition. The experience of the developed countries in the area of formation of the conditions for competition development has been studies. The motives and deviations stimulating destructive competition that should be minimized have been determined. Additionally, the article has provided the importance of such factor as accessibility of information regarding the quality of the rendered services that is directly affects the rational selection of the consumers.


competition, health care, constructive competition, destructive competition, suppliers of medical services, population health, quality of medical services, accessibility of information, monopolization, quality of medical services, regulation, medical services insurance

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