Condition and prospects of development of the milk production in Volgograd region

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PDF: Author(s): Gorbunova E. G.,
Number of journal: 1(22) Date: February 2013

The article has analyzed milk production in terms of agricultural companies, population farms and peasant farms in the Russian Federation, South Federal District and Volgograd region. The condition of the milk production, and the structure of expenses for production of 1 metric centner of milk by agricultural companies of Volgograd region from 2002 to 2010 have been analyzed. The value of the state support of the programs and measures for development of cattle-breeding, as well as the program ‘Development of the milk cattle-breeding and increase of milk production in the Russian Federation for 2009–2012’ has been demonstrated. The prospects of development of milk production have been reviewed.


milk production, agricultural companies, population farms, peasant farms, milk yield, cow head of livestock, food safety, federal target program, state support, profitability of production, production expenses

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