Image of higher educational institutions and indicators of social-economic and innovation activity of the youth

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PDF: Author(s): Sidorova V. L., Vasiljeva E. N.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article examines the dominating role of systematical work in formation of the positive image of higher educational institutions, and analyzes and classifies the basic factors of the image formation. Positive image provides access to resources that promote the development of social, economic and innovative activity of students. The contours of the analysis of the issue of conceptual mechanisms of activity of the youth are given. The conditions are determined, under which the need for specific procedures of support (conceptual mechanisms) of the youth activity becomes evident. The conclusion is made: Russian higher schools have to compete with educational institutions at home and abroad, as well as to actually struggle for their survival; management of formation and spreading of the higher school image starts getting the special value in such conditions.


image, higher educational institution, innovation activity, economic activity, social activity, the youth, education, management, resources, efficiency, inefficiency

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