Implementation of the profile training of pupils of humanitarian classes (on the example of studying the works of the «city prose» at the final stage of school literary education)

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PDF: Author(s): Sharov S. S.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article has examined the issues of professional competence of the teacher of literature, of the role and value of professionalpersonal qualities of the language teacher; has outlined the possible way of filling-in the profile education of pupils of humanitarian classes oriented on pedagogical occupation. The stages, content and structure of activity have been justified and presented, which reveal the ideological and artistic specificity of the novel by L. Simonova’s «Labyrinth» that is studied in classes or out-of-school. Special attention is paid to the methods of the work processing contributing to development of professional and personal qualities of future teachers and formation of the set of values of the future experts.


teacher of literature, «city prose», L. Simonova’s story «Labyrinth», work interpretation, formation of professional and personal qualities, profile education, humanitarian profile, psychologism, system of characters, socio-cultural situation

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