The role of educational institutions in the development of school education at the North Caucasus in the late xix – early xx centuries

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PDF: Author(s): Bleich N. O.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article examines the role of educational institutions at the late XIXearly XX centuries in the cultural construction of the North Caucasus region. Positive significance of educational institutions of various types (clubs, libraries, scientific, religious and charitable society) created by the advanced people and democratic intelligentsia in the development of highlanders of the period under consideration is discussed. The activities of «spiritual Ossetian commission», Vladikavkaz Charitable Society, «Society for the Propagation of education and technical skills among the highlanders of the North Caucasus», and Vladikavkaz pedagogical museum are particularly emphasized. It is concluded that educational institutions had significant impact on the national education and thereby made invaluable contribution into the cultural development of the region.


culture, education, educational institutions, societies, clubs, advanced public, democratic intelligentsia, shelters, missionary, spiritual commission

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