Diversification of economic activity of the consumer cooperation during the Great Patriotic war

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PDF: Author(s): Lysenko I . A.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014
Annotation: In the article, the author examines the issues of restructuring of the economic activity of the consumer cooperation for the military purposes. The attention is attracted to the diversification of the activities of the cooperation system, its work as the economic-social system, peculiarities of development of the consumer cooperation branches are examined; new directions, forms and methods of work developed during the Great Patriotic war are studied. The changes in the main sectors of activity of the consumer cooperation are consequently investigated; the special attention is paid to the emergence of new types and methods that were not previously typical for consumer cooperation, but required by the goals and objectives of the system of cooperation that were changed in accordance with the conditions of war.

consumer cooperation, consumer society, diversification, socio-economic activities, restructuring of the country economics, market funds of goods, additional resources, economic branches, industrial cooperation, public catering, retail, agricultural production

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