Information competence as one of the most important conditions for formation of readiness of the specialists in physical culture and sports to professional activities

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PDF: Author(s): Danilchuk E. V., Ilyasova A. Yu.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article examines the issues of development of information competence of the experts in physical culture and sports associated with the processes of informatization of the society and, as a consequence, informatization athletic education. The authors analyze the existing approaches to defining the notion of «information competence», clarify the definition of «information competence of a specialist in physical culture and sports», discuss the component structure of the information competence of specialists in physical culture and sports, including cognitiveoperation, instrumental and activity, professional and designing, communicative and integral and conceptual components.


information society, competence approach, informatization of education, physical education, physical culture and sports, information culture, information and communication technologies, information competence, component structure, computer science disciplines

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