Innovative paradigm: modern philosophy or the basis of entrepreneurship?

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PDF: Author(s): Harkova N. N., Vasilyev E. S.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article examines the issues caused by the need to reassess the actual value of the company innovation activity and the return to such business characteristics as flexibility and willingness to change. The analysis of activity of the innovation leaders in terms of the global and Russian scale has been performed. The conclusion has been made about the most promising areas of this activity. The issues of the modern development of the entrepreneurial entities and the most current trends of development related to innovation and integration processes have been examined; the causes of unavailability of Russian business to the innovation development have been detected. Critical evaluation of the government policies and directions of modernization development has been performed; the examples of foreign experience have been provided. The directions of development and increase of competitiveness of entrepreneurial entities on the basis of innovations and integration have been proposed.


innovations, innovation, competitiveness, innovation entrepreneurship development, innovation economics, small business, leaders of innovations, innovation management, strategy, competitiveness, «elastic» enterprise

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