Use of innovation methods in the training course of business planning

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PDF: Author(s): Astafurova O. A., Kulagina I. I.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

In this article, we investigate approaches to teaching students business planning using software of the Project Expert family, as well as the way of the competencies formation for conducting innovation activity in the area of information technologies for the graduates of the economic higher schools. The project method is examined as the basis of the students training for the innovation economics. The practical results of teaching the students of the economic higher schools using this method for the last few years have been presented; the students’ preferences in the area of the small business arrangement have been analyzed. Some aspects of harmonization of theoretical and practice-oriented teaching have been demonstrated.


: innovation economics, innovation methods, adaptation of graduates, project method, business idea, business planning, investment attractiveness, financial model of the project, project effectiveness evaluation, competence, Project Expert

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