Study of the institutional reforms in agrarian sector of the Russian economics

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PDF: Author(s): Hazagaeva I. T.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article investigates the institutional transformations occurred in the agrarian sector of Russia since cancellation of serfdom in 1861. The author identifies three institutional cycles of Russia development connected with the changes of the socialeconomic formation. Transformation of the social system that periodically took place in Russia in the last century and a half resulted every time in destruction of the existed institutional structure of the Russian rural area. According to the author, the rural area should be treated as the uniform institutional system, in which the subjects of the market economics, as well as the subjects of the rural social system are interacted.


institutional transformations, agrarian sector, transformation of the social system, institutional system, Russian village, social system, market economics, post-reform period, Soviet period, post-Soviet period

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