Small business in the system of economic security of the region (Rostov region)

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PDF: Author(s): Solod T. V.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

Small business plays important role in development of the economic systems at the present stage of formation of the world economics; as the progress of each economic system begins with development of its regions, then development of small business shall start in the regions. The article emphasizes the directions of development of small business in the Rostov region indicating the most priority perspective branches, which strengthening in the economics will reduce emergence of risks and threats and which will be able to become a support of the safety of the economic security of the region. For the Rostov region, these are the agriculture, light industry, construction and the wholesale.


small business, economic security, region, strategic planning, production branches, agriculture, light industry, construction, investments, financial guarantees, sector of wholesale

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