Marketing decisions of the company: levels of decision-making and priority tasks

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PDF: Author(s): Mlynko I. B.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The process of formation and directions of marketing in Ukraine has been analyzed. Theoretical approaches of the evolution of the modern marketing concepts, including holistic, cognitive, systemic-reflective have been systematized. The analysis of the essence of the latter ones has been performed; the content of each of them, their value and role has been disclosed. In order to solve the problems of the modern marketing, different scientific approaches to presentation of the new marketing comprehension substance has been examined. Marketing as the specific triune system that includes marketing as a whole institution, as the functional marketing and as the budget marketing has been studied. The levels of making marketing decisions at the company, as well as the priority tasks at each level have been revealed.


concept, marketing, marketing decisions, levels, acceptance, decision-making, priority tasks, strategic marketing, operational marketing, cognitive approach, systemic-reflective marketing

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