Methodological aspects of management of the balanced development of the regional socio-economic system

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PDF: Author(s): Vasilyeva L. P.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article discusses the need of transition of the regional socio-economic systems to the balanced and sustainable development. The concept of «balanced regional development» as a complex, open, controlled socio-economic system has been specified and amended. Intensification of the economic space globalization processes, the continued manifestations of the global economic crisis, and increasing regional differentiation make urgent the need of improvement the effectiveness of management systems at the federal level, as well as at the regional level of the Russian economics. The factors and indicators of management of the balanced development of the region have been revealed, understanding and systematization of which are necessary for the regulation of the territory.


management, sustainable development of the region, factor, socio-economic system, territorial differentiation, reproduction process, increase of the living standards, systematic approach, level of differentiation, human capital

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