About important exceptional role of scientific schools in formation of scientific and scientifically-pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification

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PDF: Author(s): Kozubtsov I. N., Vashchenko A. N.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The issue of succession of the scientific school in the system of higher education is still an urgent issue that has not been examined yet. The availability of scientific schools is the important condition for complete existence of the system of preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification. It has been established that the level of importance of the scientific schools shall be equal to the level of the higher educational institution as the scientific schools are the key fundamental basis of the system of higher education and science. It is important to support the prestige of scientific schools. In order to do this, it is required to introduce the united national register of scientific schools. Availability of the register of scientific schools contributes to competitors, postgraduate students, advanced students of military educational institutions, persons working on the degree of the doctor of sciences searching for interesting scientific directions of their future scientific activity.


role, scientific school, post-graduate student, a person working on the degree of the doctor of sciences, competitor, register, higher educational institution, education, science, personnel training

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