Features of the land policy formation in the regions of ukraine based on the hierarchy analysis method

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PDF: Author(s): Svistun L. A.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article presents the concept of the regional land policy that provides the possibility of the objective determination of the investment potentials of the land markets of Ukraine regions and justification of the trends, methods and tools of regulation of the land relations at the regional level. The concept is based on the general theory of the economic policy, as well as on the mathematical tools of the hierarchy analysis method. Depending on the land relations conditions in the specific region, as well as on the priority of the interests of the state, land owners, land users and professional participants of the market, one of three scenarios of the land policy can be used: stimulating aimed at activation of the market processes development; adaptation taking into account the current market prerequisites, or neutral aimed at keeping the favorable conditions of the market land relations development.


region, land owners, land users, land relations, regional land policy, land policy scenario, land market, market development level, policy implementation tools, method of hierarchy analysis

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