Features of the development of financial strategy of the company of a certain type

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PDF: Author(s): Fadeeva G. V., Zobnina D. V.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

Taking into consideration the importance of the strategic management and increasing companies’ competition, the article is devoted to the features of selection, principles of establishing the company financial strategy, in particular the financial strategies of Russian business. Particular attention is paid to the necessity of having an elaborated and reasonable financial strategy of the companies. The nature and types of financial strategies were examined; the possible problems the one can come across when developing a financial strategy were formulated and justified. Systematization of theoretical and practical experience has allowed identifying the main reasons determining the urgency and significance of formation of the company financial strategy in the modern conditions.


strategic targets, financial strategy, financial condition of a company, strategic management, targeted financial strategy, resource financial strategy, self-financing strategy, strategy of growth, issues of financial management, selection of financial strategy

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