Conception of motivation in xxi century. Forecasts and assessments

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PDF: Author(s): Vashchenko A. N.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

Human motivation for actions is usually defined as a process beginning with internal or external incentive. As a result of activity increase or reduction, a person attempts to achieve his intentional goal. Nevertheless, such linear scheme can be supplemented and extended. This paper aims at seeking preconditions for transition to a new motivational structure. Recent works on human behavior, which encouraged us, claim not only to study the relations between motivation and other psychological processes, person’s features, external influences, but also to focus on the structure of the action subject and the activities performed by him that could be considered as some kind of paradigm. Analyzing the theories preceding the works by Candace Vogler, Christine M. Korsgaard and Michael Thompson, this article tries to predict the potential evolution of scientists’ view on the human activity and motivation for it.


motivation, theory of motivation, activity, decision-making, goal, motivated action, thinking, incentive, XXI century, possibilities, demands, reasons

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