Problem aspects of agricultural products wholesale markets development and government control: experience of Ukraine

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PDF: Author(s): Voskobiynyk Yu. P.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article reveals the problem aspects of agricultural products wholesale markets forming, functioning and the government control in Ukraine. Reasons of inefficiency of agricultural producers’ interests’ implementation at the wholesale markets are examined. The wholesale markets of agricultural produce in Ukraine belong to private businesses that are not engaged in growing of fruit and vegetable products. The necessity of enhancement of the state role in establishing the wholesale markets on the basis of the mixed form of ownership at the direct participating of agricultural producers and local authorities in their management is justified. The expediency of establishing the research and information system of the wholesale markets accessible for external users is indicated.


agrarian market, infrastructure of agrarian market, wholesale food market, wholesale market of agricultural produce, personal subsidiary small-holding, advancement of commodities, import, trader, parity of profits, research and information system

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