Problems and prospects of the interaction of business, state and not-for-profit organizations in the modern russian conditions

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PDF: Author(s): Kuzevanova A. L., Poltavskaya M. B.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article analyzes the system of interaction of business organizations, not-for-profit organizations and the government institutions. The authors reveal the levels and forms of this interaction in the modern Russian conditions, compare models of social responsibility of business developed in the USA and Europe, defining specifics of domestic option of implementation of the model of the socially responsible behavior of business organizations. The special attention in the article is paid to the analysis of the position of the not-for-profit organizations in the system of social partnership; experience of support of NPO in Volgograd region is analyzed; the assessment of the level of development of social business and the problems of its development is made; the conclusion that the not-for-profit organizations possess considerable innovation potential is formulated.


business, not-for-profit organizations, state, social business, social responsibility of business, social sphere, social partnership, social investment, social projects, grants, social program

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