Resource-factor potential of regional tourist and recreational complex development strategy

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PDF: Author(s): Matina E. S.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article justifies the use of the resource-factor approach for designing the development strategy of tourist and recreational complex (TRC) in the region. The methodological problem of differentiation between the categories «conditions», «resources» and «factors» is solved. The concept of «tourist and recreational potential of the region» is defined. The stages of the process of conversion of the conditions into the resources and their further transformation into factors during the region TRC development are defined. It is proposed to use the method based on the application of the factor approach for the regional TRC measuring, strategic planning and control the degree of development. Positive and negative determinants, as well as the systematic and internal threats for the regional tourism development are determined.


tourist and recreational complex of the region, TRC development strategy, resource-factor approach, conditions, resources, factors, tourist and recreational potential, six-factors model, «development kernel», positive and negative determinants, internal and external threats

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