The role of engineering in the system of the entrepreneurship state support of volgograd region in the conditions of Russia’s joining WTO

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PDF: Author(s): Fomina S. I., Korobov S. A.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The paper examines the number of economic constraints and new economic regulations in the state support of small and medium businesses in connection with Russia’s joining the world trade organization. The authors analyze the new economic approaches to improving competitiveness of regional business systems in the conditions of Russia’s entry into the WTO. One of such approaches, establishing of engineering centers, is highlighted. The main principles of the engineering centers functioning in the regional system of the state support of small and medium-sized businesses are formulated. The engineering center work process in modern Russian economic conditions is proposed on the example of Volgograd region.


economics, region, regional economy, small and medium entrepreneurship, regional entrepreneurial system, economic rules, economic constraints, economic development, state support, World Trade Organization, center of engineering

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