Role and place of small business in the system of forestry in the forest-poor region

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PDF: Author(s): Bao Shanjan, Morkovina S. S., Zinovyeva I. S.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article describes the role, place and importance of small business in the economic development of the region in general and in the forestry sector of the forest-poor region in particular. The problem of low appeal of small business is considered; features of business activity in the forest exploitation sphere are marked out; development of small business in forestry is analyzed. The reasons of development of forestry business in a forest-poor zone are proved; the role is emphasized and preconditions of development of the forest farming in resolution of the issues of improvement of forestry business and high-quality performance of the entire complex of the forestry activities in the forest-poor region are underlined.


entrepreneurship, forestry, forest-poor region, small businesses, small entrepreneurship, forestry entrepreneurship, forestry farming

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