Current state of the livestock industry of Derbent district of Dagestan republic and prerequisites of its development in the current conditions

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PDF: Author(s): Khavayev I. B.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

This article provides a brief geographical information about Derbent municipal district of Dagestan Republic, reveals its administrative and territorial arrangement, characterizes the structure of business entities in the agricultural sector of the municipality and the dynamics of development of the livestock industry of the municipality, examines the dynamics of the head of livestock of cattle, sheep-breeding and horse-breeding industries, reveals the role of the cattle-breeding in the development of agriculture and economics of Derbent municipal district of Dagestan Republic in general, and characterizes the basic provisions of the Republican target program «Development of the herd horse-breeding in the Republic of Dagestan for 2013–2020», denotes the problematic issues in the development of the cattle-breeding of the municipality and measures for their effectiveness decision.


agricultural sector, Dagestan, Derbent municipal district, livestock sector, horse-breeding, cattle, sheepbreeding, pig-breeding, agriculture, agricultural organizations, cattle-breeding, subsidiary farms

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