Theoretical and methodological aspects of studying small business structures in the economic development of the region

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PDF: Author(s): Kupchinsky A. V.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article is devoted to the disclosure of the economic essence and content of small business structures, as well as the retrospective of their development. The basic features and principles of functioning of small business structures in the econo­mic system of the region have been examined. The article substantiates the socio-economic significance and role of the economic subject under consideration in the reproduction process of the region and the entire country. The key factors and methods of development of the innovative activity of the domestic economics have been identified; the comparative analysis of the dynamics of innovation development has been performed that provides for the comprehensive assessment of education, innovation, information and communication technologies and the institutional system of the country. Effective foreign financial and credit models of support of small business structures, contributing to balanced and sustainable functioning in the present conditions have been presented.


small business structures, innovative activity, innovation, sustainable development, effectiveness, modernization, entrepreneurial activity, socio-economic development, financial-credit model, state support, market economy, factors of development

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