Influence of technical base of agricultural organizations on the operating results

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PDF: Author(s): Subayeva A. K.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article gives an overview of the situation in the agricultural sector and its relationship with the condition of the technical base in the agricultural organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan, reproduction of technical resources and their influence on the production results of farms in the region. The dynamics of the planting areas of major crops cultivated in the Republic of Tatarstan is provided; the reasons for increasing the acreage of forage crops are presented. The research of the influence of the technical base of agricultural organizations on operating results was performed, which showed that the reduction of the agricultural organizations equipping with tractors, combines and other sophisticated agricultural machines adversely impacted their operating results.


material-technical resources, agricultural machinery, competitiveness, provision of the companies of agriculture and industrial complex, crop production, planting areas, cattle-breeding, productivity of livestock and poultry, production results, technical equipping, fodder crops, financial indices

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