Economic modeling of the preliminary enrichment technology for improvement of the efficiency of the gold mining companies

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PDF: Author(s): Bogdanovskay S. F., Konev A. V., Kusina L. N., Shulgina K. A.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article is devoted to the most urgent problem of mining and metallurgical industry of overcoming negative tendencies caused by deterioration of conditions and quality of the mineral base, growth of the costs for processing of the ore at reduction of the profitability due to decrease of the market prices for gold. Due to adverse climatic, geographical and economic conditions of location, high share of costs for transportation and energy in the cost price the domestic gold mining is at the disadvantageous position compared to competitors. In this situation the outstripped structural changes are required – introduction of the on-site ore pre-enrichment, which prospects can be assessed by means of the proposed model.


gold, ore, mining, pre-enrichment, simulation, reserves, mining and metallurgical complex, ecology, nature management, economic evaluation

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