Evolution of approaches to evaluation of labor efficiency in the modern economics

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PDF: Author(s): Tzygankov V. A.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

Development of the public production is substantially determined by the public labor arrangement and its efficiency. Labor economics constantly improves methods of analysis and regulation of the labor efficiency. The brief analysis of approaches to the labor efficiency evaluation for the last decades is presented in the article. The attempt to systemize the current approaches to determination of the labor efficiency has been made in the article based on the labor efficiency evaluation methods tested in the conditions of the planned and centralized economics and on the number of conceptual works of the modern domestic authors. The author’s conclusions are presented at the end of the article, which are adequate to the modern requirements of the labor economics that determine the potential trends of researches of the mentioned subject.


labor efficiency, issues of efficiency evaluation, methods of efficiency evaluation, labor performance, labor yield, labor productivity, labor profitability, added value, strategy for efficiency increasing, private indicators of efficiency, integral indicators of efficiency

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