On the issue of improving the efficiency of the land legislation

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PDF: Author(s): Ryzhenkov A. Ya.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

This article discusses the ways for improvement of the land legislation efficiency, doctrinal analysis of the content of this category and its interpretation in the jurisprudence is performed. Particular attention is paid to the effectiveness of land legislation in federal states, as well as to the search for new criteria for distribution of authorities between the Federation and its entities. The author concludes that enhancement of the legislation efficiency is only possible with consideration of the number of objective and subjective factors. The objective factors include consideration of the actual social demands by the legislative authority, the forecasting of the results of its lawmaking, observance of the legal methods and avoiding collisions; the number of subjective factors include qualifications of deputies of the representative authorities, the level of legal awareness and legal culture of population, etc.


effective legislation, federation, civil society, land law, civil law, deputies, duplication, natural resources, exe­cutive authorities, society, monitoring

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