The right of demand as a special type of property

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PDF: Author(s): Guz’ E. V.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The article «The Right of Demand as a Special Type of Property» analyzes the concept and legal nature of the right of demand as a special type of property, focusing on the possibility of the obligatory rights of demand availability in the civil circulation. Historically, this right was formed in the ancient Roman period and since then has become a full participant of the civil legal relations, and may arise with regard to the demand of the property, as well as in the area of intangible rights. It has been specified that this right in its civil-legal nature belongs to immaterial property, and is, first, subjective right of the creditor to require the specific conduct of debtor, and second, this right, can pass from one proprietor to other on grounds foreseen by the civil code


civil law, right of demand, property, property rights, objects of civil rights, civil circulation, replacing parties in the obligation, cession of the right of demand, obligations, creditor, defendant

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