The right of building according to the russian and ukrainian legislation in the comparative legal context

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PDF: Author(s): Abbasova A. M.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

The subject of the article is the legal nature of relations regarding construction of structures (buildings and facilities) on another’s land plot in Russia and Ukraine. The issue of development of new effective legal forms of the land use for different purposes, including construction of residential buildings, is particularly acute. The current law-making work in Russia proves that. The article examines the civil-legal structures of the building right according to the Russian and the Ukrainian Civil Codes: similarities and differences are identified, positive experience of Ukraine in this matter is analyzed regarding its application for making amendments to the national legislation.


limited law of estate, right of development, superficies, land plot, building, structure, housing, agreement establishing the right of construction, land plot owner, the person having the right of construction, land user

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