The relationship between the notaries and court activity for protection of the family rights

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PDF: Author(s): Fadeeva G. V., Saenko L. V.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014
Annotation: Protection of the family rights of citizens will always be one of the main trends of the activity of the court and notary. The issue of interaction between the court and notary authorities in the process of protection of the family rights is discussed in the article. On the basis of the analysis of some aspects of extrajudicial protection of the family rights, the ways of further improvement Saenko Ludmila Vladimirovna, candidate of law, assistant professor, working for doctor’s degree at the department of entrepreneurship law, civil and arbitration procedures of the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Moscow, e-mail: Fadeyeva Galina Vladimirovna, candidate of law, assistant professor of the department of justice and procedural law of Saratov State Socio-economic University, Saratov, e-mail: of the notary activities in the field of protection of the family rights are indicated. In particular, about the legal resolution of the issue of more active use of the notary office as the authority providing for the possibility of the forced fulfillment of one’s obligations without applying to the court. The ways of solving the complex issues arising from the notary practical activities in the family-legal area have been also proposed in the article.

family relationship, family, domestic legislation, notary office, notary, protection of rights, judicial protection, court, relationship of the authorities, legal regulation

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