Legal liability for violation of norms of the labor protection

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PDF: Author(s): Obushenko A. N.,
Number of journal: 1(26) Date: February 2014

Scientific positions on the issue of defining the concept, nature, functions and principles of the legal liability, as well as its general value in the legal science have been analyzed. The national legislation for legal responsibility for violation of the labor protection norms has been examined; the characteristic of its current state has been provided; its nature and content has been disclosed. The classification of the types of legal liability for violation of the labor protection norms has been performed; its essence has been disclosed; its general characteristic has been provided. The author has determined that the basis for distinguishing the types of legal liability should be the branch orientation of the latter.


legal responsibility, types of legal liability, violation of norms, security, labor, worker, legislation, rule, authority, state

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