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PDF: Author(s): Shamray-Kurbatova L. V., Ushakov A. M.,
Number of journal: 1(34) Date: February 2016

The article discusses various strategies of diversification and integration development. It has been revealed that one of the main issues of the company functioning is selection of the type of the used production: economical, active, or both. It is assumed that the ability to prompt renewal of the entire production process has the key importance at the highly competitive markets with rapid rates of process innovations and short life-cycles of products. Thus, the innovation development is connected with implementation of innovation projects aimed at development and bringing to the market of new products, creation and transfer of new technologies and improvement of business processes; the ability to innovative development as the systematic business upgrade at the developed markets is practically the only method of business development.


innovations, business model, competition, external environment, assets, enterprise, factors of the external environment, conglomerate, innovation strategies

For citation:

Shamray L. V., Ushakov A. M. Production – modern ways of innovation development // Business. Education. Law. Bulletin of Volgograd Business Institute. 2016. No. 1 (34). P. 145–148.