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PDF: Author(s): Kurganova N. Yu.,
Number of journal: 1(46) Date: February 2019

Opportunities and dynamics of adaptation of the enterprise to the changing conditions of competition characterizes competitiveness of the enterprise. Competitiveness in this regard is a relative characteristic that reflects the differences in the development process of the enterprise from the competitor enterprises both in the degree of satisfaction with the offered goods or services of a specific need, and in the efficiency of economic activity. The active development of retail chains activates the growth of competition between them. Therefore, it is important to find a methodological approach that will assess their competitiveness in the market. The article describes the main methodological approaches to assessing the competitiveness of retail chains. The analysis of known methods, the results of which concluded that the developed methodological approaches to assessing the competitiveness of retail chains based on the definition of competitiveness on the opinions of consumers and on the basis of economic performance. The main reason for the shortcomings of existing methods of assessing the competitiveness of trade enterprises is the lack of an integrated approach to the selection of evaluation criteria. Measures for development of competitiveness of retail trade networks are offered and generalizing conclusions are made.


competitiveness, market, competition, retail chains, the attractiveness of the trading network, the attractiveness of the product, customer needs, marketing activities, customer satisfaction, methodology, evaluation of competitiveness.

For citation:

Kurganova N. Yu. Methodical approaches to assessment of competitiveness of retail trade networks // Business. Education. Law. 2019. No. 1 (46). Pp. 309–314. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.46.138.