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PDF: Author(s): Chernukhina G. N.,
Number of journal: 1(46) Date: February 2019

Being one of the market economy sectors, retail trade today is not just a service for sale of goods, but the whole art of their presentation with the appropriate cultural, value and educational components for the buyer. The largest operators of the consumer goods sector continue active development of retail chains. Innovations determine the important role of their successful existence. Their implementation allows traders to compete for consumers and the long-term existence at the market. In the Russian geopolitical reality, the tasks of updating and modernizing the work of trading companies on the basis of innovative development are highly relevant. The introduction of new products and ways to sell them to the consumer market may also be an opportunity to strengthen positions in the market due to the emergence of new consumer segments. For this, it is necessary to look for modern methods of promoting goods and services that ensure sufficient consumption based on the modern technologies and innovations. Thus, it is possible to attract consumers by increasing the turnover of trade enterprises.


retail trade networks, innovations in trade, consumer behavior, trade services in retail, e-commerce forms, integrated trading platforms, investment activity in the trade industry.

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Chernukhina G. N. Consumer behavior in the context of internet-innovations in retail // Business. Education. Law. 2019. No. 1 (46). Pp. 299–303. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.46.130.