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PDF: Author(s): Bakanova E. N.,
Number of journal: 1(46) Date: February 2019

The article is devoted to the sustainable development of small forms of agribusiness, as well as identifying problems in the implementation of this strategy in the agro-industrial complex in the Russian Federation. The purpose of the study is to reveal the importance and importance of state support for small forms of agricultural entrepreneurship in the context of achieving food security of the country, the effectiveness of state support measures in the financing of these forms of entities in the agro-industrial complex. The conclusions about the positive trends in development of small businesses in the new opportunities and constraints are made. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities within the main subprograms of support for agriculture and development of small agribusiness is presented; positive trends in the availability and borrowing of small forms of agriculture are outlined. It also shows the problems hindering the development of small agribusiness in Russia: differentiation in the level and mechanisms of support for large and small businesses, their different availability of credit resources and subsidies, high bureaucratic costs of obtaining, low level of material and technical base, etc. In conclusion, the article substantiates the prospects of development and focuses on the problematic factors in the development strategy of small forms of agribusiness in the Russian Federation. It is proved that the achievement of food security in Russia at this stage of development of the agricultural economy is impossible without the formation of food market resources at the expense of small agribusiness, but subject to improving the efficiency of agri-food policy at all levels. This economic structure has the potential not only to implement the strategy of import substitution, but also to integrate into the world food market.


agriculture, agricultural sector of economy, state regulation of agriculture, small agribusiness, agribusiness, methods of state support of small agribusiness, development strategy, development potential, social base of development, investment activity, state support, import substitution, food security.

For citation:

Bakanova E. N. Small agribusiness of Russia in the conditions of new possibilities and limitations // Business. Education. Law. 2019. No. 1 (46). Pp. 322–329. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.46.139.