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PDF: Author(s): Mineyeva N. N.,
Number of journal: 1(58) Date: February 2022

The subject of the research is the processes of digitalization of the agri-food system (AFS) in Russia. The digital transformation of agriculture is necessary for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of its functioning through cardinal changes in the quality of production and management at all stages and levels [1]. The main task of digitalization is to reduce the cost of manufacturing products, improve their quality and competitiveness based on the efficient use of resources and scientifically based approaches [2]. The digitalization stage is a natural continuation of the stages of industrialization, mechanization and automation of the economy, and immediately follows them. Analysis of world experience shows the unequivocal effectiveness of digitalization of agriculture: reducing the risks of changing natural and climatic conditions, smoothing out the influence of seasonality, increasing crop yields and animal productivity due to precise adherence to technologies, reducing labor intensity and increasing labor productivity, strengthening product quality control from production to sale, and, consequently, an increase in the level of food security. However, in Russia, such an innovative transformation in agriculture has the following limitations: complete digitalization is impossible due to the technical and financial unpreparedness for it in most of the main AFS industries, and partial digitalization of individual processes or administrative and managerial procedures does not bring any significant effects, and only increases the uncompensated bureaucratic burden on the final and intermediate executors. In the course of the study, the positive and negative trends in the introduction of digitalization in agriculture in Russia were systematized. As a conclusion, the substantiation of the impossibility of complete digitalization in the main sectors of agriculture is provided.


economy, agriculture, agri-food system, food security, transformation, digitalization, innovation, investment, technology, management

For citation:

Mineeva N. N. Digitalization in agriculture. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 1, pp. 115—118. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.58.148.