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PDF: Author(s): Bulavko O. A., V. V. Chekmarev, V. V. Chekmarev,
Number of journal: 1(58) Date: February 2022

In this study, the authors developed a methodology for noonomic research based on a spatial approach. Defining economic space as an object and subject of our analysis within the framework of using the spatial approach, we note the following. The presence of the term “space” in the definition of the subject indicates that methods operating with the concepts of “distance”, “density of relations”, “levels”, “hierarchy”, “topology”, “geometry”, “configuration” will be used as a methodology and a number of other concepts used in functional analysis to describe mathematical spaces. These concepts make it possible to define the essence of the economic space as a category of economic science. The spatial characteristics of the country’s economic life are not limited to territorial-geographical, or to purely systemic (isolation, openness, etc.), or to institutional (single customs, tax, etc. institutions). The authors determine the purpose of the article to institute a conceptual representation of noonomics using a spatial approach and to develop a methodology for noonomic research. In this study, the identified specificity of the hierarchical structure of the three-level economic space functions on the basis of the use of reproduction-level metasystem analysis. Under the element of the system we will take its primary indivisible component, the further decomposition of which, if possible, is part of another system. In our case, an element of the economic system is a subject (including an aggregated one) of economic relations, identified by empirical reference. The elements of the economic system are diverse, of different quality, and of different levels both in time and space. It is this circumstance that allows us to further formulate the definition of a multidimensional multilevel economic space that forms an integral unity even in the absence of a common goal of functioning, and in some cases, interdependence. But in order to reveal the materialenergy and information links between the elements of the economic system, it is necessary to choose some criterion, or at least a sign, an economic parameter.


noonomics, multidimensional economic space, level dynamics, density of economic relations, noodevelopment, economic system, macrosystem models, metaeconomics, economic science, pyramidal structure, information exchange

For citation:

Bulavko O. A., Chekmarev V. V., Chekmarev V. V. Spatial approach to the development of the methodology for noonomic research. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 1, pp. 103—108. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.58.151.