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PDF: Author(s): Kasimova E. R., Kuznetsova E. V., Ruvenny I. Ya.,
Number of journal: 1(58) Date: February 2022

The article actualizes the need to use marketing of emotions, which consists in studying the influence of emotions and feelings on the involvement of customers in the process of purchasing goods and services. The essence of emotion marketing is to view consumption as a process of impressions and experiences. In the process of making a purchase decision, a consumer acts in accordance with two aspects: rational and emotional. Undoubtedly, rational behavior in choosing products is essential. But today a person is in a dynamically changing environment that requires constant concentration when making difficult decisions, and he often lacks live communication, involvement and positive emotions, which are replaced by material values in the process of consumption. This study is based on the dominant emotional norms in modern society, which act as imperatives in people’s everyday life and are a continuation of social values. These emotional imperatives include: controlling emotions; the desire to be and look happy; avoidance of negative experiences and others. The article systematizes areas of research within the marketing of emotions and proposes a set of its elements. The main, according to the authors, technologies of marketing emotions are presented: storytelling; reference marketing; communities, clubs of adherents and brand ambassadors; emotions of color; gamification. Emotion marketing technologies, if used correctly and targeted, can improve the positioning of a particular organization’s products against competitors, which leads to increased sales, increased consumer loyalty to the product and brand. The study shows the versatility of the use of emotion marketing technologies in business without restrictions on the spheres of activity and their effectiveness in organizing communicative interaction with consumers.


marketing of emotions and feelings, consumer loyalty, emotional reactions of consumers, storytelling, reference marketing, gamification, emotions of color, brand ambassadors, emotional behavior, negative and positive emotions

For citation:

Ruvenny I. Ya., Kasimova E. R., Kuznetsova E. V. The essence and technologies of emotion marketing. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 1, pp. 59—63. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.58.118.