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PDF: Author(s): A. A. Ivanova, Kulakova M. N.,
Number of journal: 1(58) Date: February 2022

This article discusses the problems of domestic violence against minors. Despite the existing legislative measures to protect the rights of children, the most important state task is to create a safe environment for them to live and socialize, including family well-being. Numerous facts of violence against children in the family and household sphere indicate the severity of the problem of ensuring their safety. The authors reveal the concept of anti-criminal security of minors. Attention is drawn to the role of the family as an institution of socialization of the personality of a minor on the one hand and a source of criminal threat in the use of violence on the other. Family and domestic violence is considered as a two-way process — victimization and criminalization, in both cases turning a minor into a victim. In the first case, he or she becomes (directly or indirectly) a victim of a crime, in the second — a criminalized victim, that is, the minor becomes involved in the commission of a crime by other persons. The specific features of family and domestic violence that affect the formation of a flawed personality of a potential victim or aggressor are highlighted. There are two strategies for protecting a minor from domestic violence — legal and non-legal (moral and psychological). The problem of the effectiveness of prevention and the real possibility of preventing violence is raised. The main shortcomings of the draft law “On the prevention of domestic violence” are indicated. The authors draw attention to the special role of the victimological direction of the prevention of domestic violence, in particular, the need for explanatory work, primarily in relation to minors, how to avoid criminal situations and how to behave correctly in them. The characteristic of the organization of preventive activities and its subjects is given. There are proposals on the prevention of domestic violence, in particular, the creation of a legislative system of legal and non-legal measures, providing for interdepartmental cooperation.


family and domestic violence, anti-criminal safety of minors, family criminology, violent crime, criminalized victim, prevention of family and domestic violence, subjects of prevention, determinants of family and domestic violence, victimological prevention, preventive measures

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citation: Ivanova A. A., Kulakova M. N. Family and domestic violence as a threat to the anti-criminal safety of minors. Business. Education. Law, 2022, no. 1, pp. 197—203. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2022.58.132.