The price policy as the modern approach of formation of cost of the personnel of the organisation

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PDF: Author(s): Golovchanskaya E. E.,
Number of journal: 2(12) Date: May 2010

The article deals with the pricing from the point of view of the personnel marketing considering the external and internal factors that de nes the cast and cost structure of the personnel and also their change during its reproduction and in uences current and strategic costs of the enterprise. Pricing is a procedure for de ning the personnel labour costs, including a set of consecutive actions of a strategic and tactical orientation: revealing the factors in uencing pricing, de ning the purposes, the expense analysis, the calculation of individual cost of a worker, the development of pricing strategy and the acceptance of tactical decisions.


the price policy; pricing, labour cost; labour market; monopsony; costs; personnel marketing; price tactics; price strategy, monopoly; oligopsony, perfect competition

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