Dialectic interrelation of categories of “standard of living” and “quality of life” in dynamics of the well-being of a society

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PDF: Author(s): Morozova N. I.,
Number of journal: 2(12) Date: May 2010

The author presents the genetic and dialectic interrelation of concepts of “standard of living” and “quality of life”. On the basis of systematization of different points of view the author’s point of interaction of such categories is presented. The author shows that the well-being of a society at all stages of its development is characterised by unity of opposite sides (quality of life and standard of living). They are inseparable like quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the same occurrence. Certain activation of the regulatory role of the state, especially in the conditions of crisis of Russian economy, is necessary to maintain of a smooth transition.


standard of living of the population, quality of life of the population, a way of life, well-being, coping with poverty, social policy, socially oriented economy, social consequences of economic reforms, dialectical opposites

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