Scientifically-methodical bases of formation of competitive environment at the market of the fish goods

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PDF: Author(s): Mukhamedova T. O.,
Number of journal: 2(12) Date: May 2010

The article covers scientifically-methodical and economic and organizational bases of formation of the regional market of the fish goods, the formation of the competitive environment, market conjuncture estimation in the market of the fish goods and the mechanism of its functioning. The analysis of indicators of market concentration has allowed the author to reveal the problems of development of the competition in the commodity markets. The special attention in the article is paid to state policy in the field of fish economy, as an agrarian and industrial complex component.


market, goods, demand, offer, price, transaction, competition, competitiveness, fishery complex, grocery borders of the commodity market; geographical (territorial) borders of the commodity market; input barriers to the market

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