The principles of formation of the control system of the population employment at the regional level

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PDF: Author(s): Popova N. V.,
Number of journal: 2(12) Date: May 2010

ntrol system of the population employment in the region, its purposes, problems and functions in author’s interpretation. The author presents a definition of a control system of employment. The author proves the expediency of formation of the control system of employment at all administrative levels, proceeding from the system of the purposes. Proceeding from the purposes, with reference to each level of management the paper presents the problems demanding the permission to increase management efficiency of employment. The major problem of employment management in regions is pointed out. It is the development of the system of interaction between territorial and federal bodies of work and enterprises.


labour, labour resource, control system of employment, the principles of the creation of the systems; aims, tasks and functions of control of employment; labour productivity, the levels of the control of employment

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