Comparative analysis of liberalization models of the European, American and Russian gas markets

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PDF: Author(s): Vorobyeva L. E., Vorobyeva O. V.,
Number of journal: 2(12) Date: May 2010

The article presents the questions of formation of a single energy market, European and international, and also liberalization processes of the gas market. The European model of the liberalization of the gas market renders the greatest influence on the forming Russian model as Russia is integrated first of all into world economy. However, the American model is the oldest in the world and its use enables to generate the model considering interests of both the consumer and the manufacturer of natural gas. The article deals with the periodization of the basic stages of European, American and Russian liberalization models. Recommendations for optimization of the Russian model of liberalization are made. Economic mechanisms of liberalization of the Russian and European gas markets are analyzed.


Liberalization; liberalization model; structural changes; pre-liberalization period; postliberalization period; European power charter; natural monopoly; the economic mechanism of liberalization; access to gas pipelines of the third parties; integration processes of reforming

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