Formation of the strategy of development of small and medium-size industrial businesses on the basis of increasing of the cumulative potential efficiency of usage

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PDF: Author(s): Evseeva O. A.,
Number of journal: 2(15) Date: May 2011

The article is dedicated to the general strategy of development and management of cumulative potential of industrial enterprises of small and medium-size business depending on the stage of the life cycle. Possibilities established in the context of cumulative potential of small and mediumsize businesses have been determined. Methods that help to form mechanisms of activation and increase efficiency of industrial enterprise cumulative potential have been specified. The author has determined the directions and mechanisms of activation of use of cumulative potential of an enterprise and also has proposed the algorithm of activation of development of industrial enterprise of small and medium-size business.


strategy, industrial enterprise, small business, medium-size business, cumulative potential, algorithm of activization of development, concept of management, market potential, production potential, investment potential

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