Institutional problems of development of regional segment of baking industry by example of Stavropol Region

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PDF: Author(s): Pavlenko N. V.,
Number of journal: 2(15) Date: May 2011

Bakery industry is one of the largest branches of food industry and the national food market. The most important trends of increasing production efficiency and improvement of baking industry products quality are science-based management of its institutional environment, the creation of rational structure of the industry, enterprises, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes based on the latest technologies. Economic concept of improving the quality of the baking industry involves detailed study of the nature, sources and factors affecting the quality of bakery products. Complex economic nature of modern socio-economic problems of baking industry in Russia is specified by a number of interrelated and interdependent factors.


bread, cereals, bakery products, baking industry, socio-economic significance of these concepts, harvesting crops, socio-economic problems of bakeries, quality of baking products, institutional environment of baking industry operation, regional market of baking products, the conjunction of prices for flour and grain, trends of financial and economic situation of enterprises of the baking industry

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